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The role and maintenance of the bearing sleeve


The bearing sleeve is to protect the drive shaft. For some drive shafts that are difficult to repair, disassemble or of high value, in order to protect the drive shaft from wear, the sleeve will be installed outside the shaft during the design and then on the sleeve. Mount the bearing for easy installation and maintenance.

(1) Bearing sleeves are widely used in places where light loads are easy to disassemble. There are many bearings that are difficult to assemble and disassemble, especially in the assembly of bearings inside the cabinet. The application of the bearing sleeve can solve the assembly and disassembly problems.

(2) The bearing sleeve can be adjusted tightly, so that the machining accuracy of many cabinets is relaxed, and the work efficiency of the box processing is greatly improved.

(3) The bearing sleeve is also installed to overcome the axial sway of the bearing.

Therefore, the bearing sleeve is widely used, but there are also some shortcomings. The accuracy of the bearing sleeve directly affects the radial runout of the shaft.