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Larry Bearings helps you understand the type of thin-walled bearings with equal sections


Luoyang Larry Bearing Co., Ltd.'s isometric thin-walled bearings are made up of seven open series and five sealed series, with inner diameters ranging from 1 inch to 20 inches, and cross-section sizes ranging from 0.1875X to 0.1875 inches. To 1.000X 1.000 inches. There are three types of open bearings: radial contact (L type), angular contact (M type), and four point contact (N type). There are only two types of sealed bearings: radial contact (L-shaped) and four-point contact (N-type).

The thin-walled bearings produced by our company are different from the standard bearings. In thin-walled bearings, the cross-sectional dimensions in each series are designed to be fixed values, and the dimensions in the same series are constant. Does not increase with increasing inner diameter size. Therefore, this series of thin-walled bearings, also known as equal-section thin-walled bearings, allows designers to standardize the common parts associated with them.

With large bores, thin-walled bearings with small cross-sections can use large diameter hollow shafts, such as air, water pipes, and wires that can be supplied through hollow shafts for a simpler design.

Thin-walled bearings save space, reduce weight, significantly reduce friction, and provide good rotation accuracy. Without thin-wall bearings, the design can be reduced without affecting bearing performance and service life. External dimensions and reduced production costs.

In 2006, the series of thin-wall bearing products of the same section won the National Torch Plan project commitment unit, and was supported by the National Science and Technology Innovation Project in 2008.