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Type and use of equal-section thin-wall bearing retainers


Thin-walled bearings of equal section:

Thin-walled ferrule bearings are highly accurate, very quiet and have a high load carrying capacity. These ball bearings are available in three designs and are extremely small and mostly square in cross section. In these series, even with larger shaft diameters and bearing bores, the cross section remains the same. These bearings are therefore referred to as equal sections.

Isometric thin-walled ball bearing retainer is a precision non-standard thin-walled ball bearing retainer consisting of seven open series and five sealed series with inner bore diameters from 1" to 40", cross-sectional dimensions The range is from 0.1875X0.1875 inches to 1.000X1.000 inches.

Three types of thin-walled bearings of equal section: deep groove ball type (C), angular contact type (E), four point contact type (X).

Thin-walled bearings of equal section are made of copper, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

Thin-walled bearings of equal section are mainly used in: bearings for robotic joints, high-precision thin-wall bearings for aerospace, and large bearings for wind turbines, which require high-precision and small space.