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Complete code designation of bearing components and accessories


The complete code for the bearing components and accessories consists of the basic code and the supplementary code. The basic code consists of the bearing type code, the size series code and the inner diameter code. Indicates the basic type, structure and dimensions of the bearing and is the basis for the bearing code. The supplementary code is the code number added to the basic code of the bearing structure shape, size, tolerance, and technical requirements. The code added to the left of the basic code is the prea code to identify the bearing components. The code added to the right of the basic code is the post code to indicate the design problem that is different from the original design or different from the current production standards.

Bearings have 0-9 classes

0 class deep groove ball bearings

Class 1 self-aligning ball bearings

2 types of cylindrical rollers Sub-bearings

3 types of cylindrical spherical roller bearings

4 types of needle roller bearings

Category 6 angular contact ball bearings

7 Tapered Roller Bearings

Class 8 Thrust Ball Bearings

9 Type Thrust Tapered Roller Bearings

The last two digits of the bearing model represent internals. For example: 6205   The last two 05 05*5=25   6 represents 0 class.